You are Yesterday and Tomorrow

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This 'self,' which you think you are, is a resurrection of past happenings, mere experiences. This dead entity of knowledge raises its head in the present, preventing the seeing of life, 'as is.' You are 'yesterday and tomorrow.' Bound by time and ignorance, there is no contact between you and the 'now,' which is free of time. The unknown, has no dealing with the known, which is not in the field of time and the limitations of knowledge. To see within the present moment, which is here and now, the 'self' must end. The ending of the 'self' is a living death. As you live, you must die to every moment. This ending of 'you' is the bridge to the unknown.

When there is no 'self,' only silence and awareness, then you are free and unchained from the attachment of knowledge. When you are completely attentive and empty within, the 'self' is vanquished and the door to the unknown is open. It is only when you are vacant, the sacred may enter and your whole life is free of darkness and sorrow. It is only in that moment of being total and free of all attachments to this world and the things of it, the All, is open to you. In this moment, it is the holy ground of all life, which awakens within. That which is the source of all things comes without warning. That which comes is the liberation beyond thought. In this hallowed abode, all is one. Surely, in this realization, there is nothing beyond this sacred root, in which all life springs forth. It is here and now, the mystery of life comes into being and you are free beyond all limitations.
copyright: Izabella Malenka
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