When will the World we live in fill with Love and Light

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As I see the world changing, healing taking place and many people awakening. I often wonder when the world we live in will fill with love, light and peace for all of humanity. Will this achievement ever be experienced? And if so how long will this state be till its accomplished?


There is no such thing as time. Time is a construction of the ego and part of the illusion on Earth, that things must grow, unfold, heal. The truth is all has already been accomplished. The illusion on Earth and the duality which is at its core are nothing more than a passing thought that we, the heart of God, created. As a thought in the mind of God, it came and it went...so to speak. Ithas no reality in the Real of Love, the Real of our existence.

However, that said,.... because many minds are still holding the possibilities and probabilities of that thought.... the main thought was that there could be something other than Love, something other than God ... because in the collective consciousness many are still holding this, it has to "play itself out," so to speak in this illusory realm. And that is what is happening. As more and more "awaken" and realize that only Love is Real and everything else is a dream of some sort, then the balance tips and Love permeates and overtakes any "play" on Earth.

So the question WHEN in that context is our egos wondering how long until what we know in our hearts will be before us. The answer is: when enough of us realize we have been living in an illusion, a dream, and return our focus to who we truly are, cells in the heart of God who live in Love and only Love. If you explore the Messages from God in the Archive (which I HIGHLY recommend!), you will see that many of them have this theme.... that we are the Light Holders and how important it is that we place our full attention on Love and only Love, seeing through the illusion to the truth that is beneath.

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