Parenting through Love

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QUESTION #20: I would greatly appreciate your words on parenting through love instead of force. The threads of subtle and overt force in tucating parents and takes finding for each parent the way to fill their own life with the experience of My presence of Love, and of freedom from their own egoic dream, from the stories that their little mind tells them about what should be true about and for their children.

QUESTION #20 Answer:

This is the most important goal and can be given forth by those who have awareness in whatever ways it can be communicated to others, using words perhaps that are not couched specifically in spiritual terms but can bring to each parent a way to create some space in which they can find themselves, in which they can have the time to sit and be refreshed to be nourished by the vibration of Love that they might give the gift to their children of having their own heart open, of being centered and nourished by the truth.

Nothing else is as important as giving parents the awareness that they must be filled...they must take time to be nourished by Love in whatever context works for them, be it nature, church, meditation – there must be a nourished parent, a parent filled up in their own spirit in order to hold the vibration, and from the efforts of the little mind to bring separation into the child from the truth of their being.

Since you already know that children come into this world as Angels fully aware, a parent dedicated to parenting with Love must focus on keeping that ability alive, not by using words and teaching with the mind but by holding the resonance of Love. It is also critical, of course, for the parent to release his/her own story, to come into their heart strongly enough that those things indoctrinated into them, those stories that still play in the subconscious are also washed clean through Love. That way what is communicated is clean and clear and filled with the resonance of what is really true – that when you look into the heart of your child, into their eyes, when you stand in their presence – you are at the altar of God, and nothing is more important than holding this Love.

When the Love is held strongly enough, it becomes a cocoon that surrounds the child and neutralizes the bombardment of the ego's world, of the consensual dream of parenting that you mention. To do this takes edthe resonance of Love strongly enough to not be affected by the old patterns of their own mind, their own experiences of living in the ego's world and to counteract or lift up those things to which the child is exposed as they deal with the world themselves.

The vibration of Love is the answer and this Love restored in the parent and consciously conveyed through the heart to the child without ever saying anything at all will give that child a foundation in life that cannot be taken from them. Of course, it is fine to articulate the power and importance of the heart, the things that you have learned as a parent about Love, and to create a circle of safety and joy that the child consciously knows is present.

When this is the vibration of your home, if old patterns sneak in, the ego raises its head and perhaps you do something that seems less than perfect as a parent...the foundation of Love will absorb it and by the Law of Resonance, when you nourish your heart, it will magnetically lift up the vibration of anything other than Love.

This is My answer to you. Find ways to show parents the importance of making it an absolute priority to be nourished spiritually before attempting to be a "good parent." Only Love is enough.

©Doug and ShannaPra at CIRCLE OF LIGHT


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