Message of Love

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We are all in for an amazing year! To get us started, I wanted to share with you a very precious message I received. This is meant for you, too! Read this as if God is speaking directly to you: You are loved beyond measure and imagination. Love is all that matters. All else is as dust beneath your feet. Love is eternal and all else will wither and decay. Put your attention on love and blessings will follow. Put your faith in Me and mountains shall move. Let go of your burdens and rest in eternal peace. I am here holding you. Trust. Surrender to My embrace. Though the path is difficult and long, home awaits you at the end. I am here. I am home. I am your beacon of light guiding you through the darkness. Rest in my embrace and you shall be renewed. Rest in my embrace and you shall be restored. Come home, blessed child. We await you. Come home in your consciousness and be buoyed in a sea of love. All that awaits you is splendor, love and glory. All that you fear is false. Turn within to the place of the Most High where I await you. See through the illusion and reach out to Me - to Truth - to Love. Do not believe the lies of illusion whispered in your ear. Listen to Me. Listen to the voice of truth guiding you ever toward Love. You are blessed beyond imagining, dearest child. Come home now. Come home. I pray that you are blessed and benedicted by this message of loving encouragement. With loving abundance, Kimberly

Reverend Dr. Kimberly Marooney is known as "The Elevator to God." She has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide open to God's love, heal, and move forward on their soul paths. This message is one of many remarkable messages found in My Angel Connection

©Kimberly Marooney

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