Massage from the Angel of Change

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Message from the Angel of Change

Beloved Heike,   In response to the amount of illness and challenges people are experiencing, the angels asked me to set up THREE Angel Healing Circles.   This is what the angels wanted me to tell you:
 We are here.

Spiritual energy is flowing to Earth in much greater magnitude than has been possible in many millennia.
There are reasons for this.
First and foremost, humanity is Awakening.
This is the time of the quickening.
Millions of humans are awakening in consciousness.
Millions of people are coming together for many reasons.
  At the heart of it all is love.
You are loved beyond imagining.
And you are learning to love one another.
When one heals, many receive the benediction of the healing.
When one experiences peace in meditation, many experience the benediction of peace.
The veil of separation has thinned.
Experiences of Oneness are so numerous that beliefs are shattered.

This describes what you are experiencing now.
As your soul awakens and rises to the surface, old beliefs are shattered.
Old ways of being, old habits, old life styles are no longer tolerable.

This extends to the body.
Bodies are no longer willing to suffer old ways of eating and thinking that don't support full health.
It is an odd concept that a health crisis is the opening for greater wellness, yet that is what is happening.
Bodies are drawing attention to the result of past habits of thinking, eating and behaving.
Illness and pain are the only way body has to get your attention.
Pain and life threatening situations present the emotional energy and motivation to change.
The angels of Change are guiding you to leave behind old ways and take radical steps into new life styles of health.
Your body and life may be telling you what needs to change.
Are you listening?

If you ask, body will tell you how to heal.
Take action to change.
Try new things until you discover what body needs.
  Wellness is waiting. You deserve it!

  Are you or someone you love experiencing health crisis? Take this message to hear.    I pray that you are blessed and benedicted by this message of love.
  With loving abundance,
Kimberly   Reverend Dr. Kimberly Marooney is known as "The Elevator to God." She has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide open to God's love, heal, and move forward on their soul paths. 






Coming Soon:

Angel Healing Circle for Finances

Monday, July 30  Well call in the angels of Prosperityto help you recognize your beliefs that are keeping you trapped, and open to receive miracles of healing, resources, support and money.

We'll open the flood gates of support, resources, and wealth as we dive deeply into who loved and worthy we are. We are the Children of Light! We were not meant to suffer deprivation. We've just forgotten how to ask for and receive.

We'll align the Law of Attraction to wealth as we open the floodgates to receive miracles and everything needed with gratitude

Angel Healing Circles

I've received a number of messages recently from people asking for help. Two of my best friends were just diagnosed with cancer. Even my husband has been sick all week!
  In response, the angels asked me to set up THREE Angel Healing Circles.   This first one is for Health. Monday, July 23rd

Click here to learn more

  We'll call in Archangel Raphael and his legions of healing angels to open the healing clinic.

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Write to me at:


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