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QUESTION #22: The wise ones tell us "just surrender, be in the moment, and you will experience God!" so I have 'tried' to surrender and I have also stopped "trying" and just relaxed and waited.... HOW do we surrender? I honestly don't know. I'm grateful to have been called into Your service and am now eager to learn how to be Yours

GOD'S ANSWER TO QUESTION #22: Beloved one, surrender the idea of surrender, for the opening to the experience of Our communion comes from releasing the identity of being human and sinking into the experience of your heart.

I suggest doing this consciously and breathing to the center of your heart field...what you might term the heart chakra, though it is much more potent and larger than this. As you breathe into your heart, just allow your heart to be what you experience without interpreting it through your mind.

With every breath, feel the expansion of your awareness, of your heart's energy field. Just feel, feel, feel the Love. If you track anything, track this: the feeling of Love that begins to build as you make the choice to be the awareness of your heart. Feel the Love that is the essence of Our communion, that is the truth of your being, that is the power of your life, until you find that this Love so fills you that your whole being is vibrating with ecstasy.

In this place of feeling Love, be open and you will feel Our communion, while you feel that your whole identity, your being is this Love and nothing else. In this place of feeling Love in and through your heart consciously, you come to experience the divine, the feelings of the endless Love of God I Am, which is who you are, endlessly.

What must be surrendered is the little mind and the stories of this person who needs to surrender anything. The only way to do this is with the heart, through feeling. Feeling your heart directly, from within, rather than thinking about it. Feeling that is far beyond human emotions. Feeling that is the Love that is your Home.

Do this. Make this shift into your heart. Do it daily for as long as you can and you will find the experience of freedom along with the experience of our communion.

The heart is the doorway beyond time. Every experience of the heart is holographic, the whole of God present in the holy cell of the heart of God I Am which is you and the awareness of the endless ocean of Love in which you live and in which we experience the miracle of being One and also loving each other. However you come to this – through whatever path you choose to take – the answer always is to release the mind and move into the timeless realm of eternity where you can feel and experience the truth of God you are.

So, dearest one, surrender to Love!



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