How the Angels Answer Our Prayers

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“I wear a coat of angels' breath and warm myself with His love." 

~Emme Woodhull-Bäche

In this edition

1. How the Angels Answer Our Prayers
2. How is God like a Dog?
3. Running Your Own Spiritual Workshops?


I often receive inspiring stories from readers and students around the world. Where they give permission, I like to share these with you. Here’s one I read which I particularly liked. Do keep sending them in. They all help me to highlight a particular aspect of how the angels can help us.

This week’s example comes from Alison in Lincolnshire. Here’s her story, in her own words.

“I bought a second hand machine from America (for my business). It never turned up, so we contacted ebay, paypal and in the end the ombudsman to help us get our money back. It had been nearly a year of battling and no machine!! We had just r eceived a letter from the ombudsman people to say there was nothing else they could do.

My partner and I sat at the computer and I asked the angels to help and we tried again to search for the business name and address that we had bought the machine off. This time we found the address almost instantly, but a different business name. I rang the telephone number and explained to the lady what had happened and she was the lady’s sister who I had bought the machine off. Her sister had died not long after selling us the machine. They thought that all the sales had been sorted out. She said she could send me a similar machine or a new one if I would like.

Within a week, after a year of trying to get the machine or our money back, we received out new machine.”

What I love about this story is that after sustained human and legal efforts had failed entirely, a quick prayer to the angels led to a swif t, simple and highly satisfactory resolution to an otherwise fraught and frustrating problem. Who says prayers don’t work!

I wondered why the angels seem to respond so well to some prayers, but not too others. Do we have a weekly quota of wishes? Do they answer one in ten? I decided to ask them. Here’s what they said.

“Loved one we hear all prayers. Sometimes it is appropriate for the soul to continue to take actions themselves. Sometimes the timing is not right – they are part of a bigger picture. They may need to wait.

Often it is entirely appropriate that we intervene and work our magic to help, and in these situations we are delighted to do so. So when it is right for us to do so, we happily assist. We will normally send some sign or message in response to any prayer, such as the thought ‘Wait’, or some other prompt to action for example.

If you are aware and look for it, you will see our response to your prayer. Sometimes, if you see nothing else, no response means that either the prayer is not in the interests of your highest good, or the timing is not right yet. So no answer is an answer too! Finally, remember that generally speaking, with a few exceptions (such as protecting you in life and death situations) we can only intervene and help if you ask us to help you. For this reason, it is better to ask us too frequently then not often enough!

Do look for our answers though as well as (not just for) for the results you seek. In this way, you will receive maximum help from us angels, maximum guidance, and fewer disappointments (not listening). We look forward to your next prayers."

That makes perfect sense to me – pray often, and watch for the response. Sometimes they will help if its appropriate, sometimes they will send you signs and messages or inner p romptings, and failing all else, no answer means it’s either wrong for you or the timing is not right. For more details about the Guided By Angels correspondence course, which helps you connect with your angels, in a variety of inspiring and helpful ways, visit the web-site and also look out for more news about The Secret Language of Angels which is coming up soon.


Have you noticed that God is Dog spelt backwards? ‘So what?’ you may ask. Here’s some guidance I was asked to write by the angels. All will become clear shortly …

Humans are on a path of evolution, awakening to higher consciousness. In the old days, churches told you what to think and do (or not do). ‘Only priests had access to God’. Nowadays you know that anyone and everyone can have a connection with the divine, and receive divine guidance directly. The question is, will you embrace this connection, and will you use it wisely?

There are some common steps along the path to full awakening and connection with God. How far along the path are you, Darren asks you?

1. Most humans are wrapped up in the drama of earthly life – caught up in society’s appeal to the earthly senses – working for survival, money, status, glamour, physical pleasures, all the usual earthly pursuits and dramas. They are unconnected (consciously) to God. They are unaware.

2. Next, humans begin to awaken to Spirit. They may feel an inner urge to explore something more. Illness, crisis, upset, or some remarkable spiritual experience, may awaken them to the idea of Spirit. They begin exploring. They read books. They becom e interested.

3. The next stage is beginning to embrace spiritual matters. They may receive or learn different types of healing. They may begin using some of the tools of spirituality – for example, calling on the angels (we like this!), prayer, visioning, and other tools. They may see some of the benefits of this in their life, and begin to see a deeper, (or higher!) more satisfying level to human life. This may often be accompanied to changes within their life.

4. Sometimes humans try to ‘use’ spirituality to help their own ends. They may study abundance theories, cosmic ordering is the latest fashion, they call on Spirit to bring them what they want. This may work to some degree, but often it will not, for what they seek may not be for their highest good. This use of spirituality for your own ends teaches you much, and leads you forward closer to God, but is a little like trying to house train a new puppy – sometimes you get joyful delight, but other times you get things chewed up or an unexpected and unwanted mess you have to clear up! It depends how much your own spirit and will is fighting against the bigger plan for your life. This shows the battle between ego, or earthly will, and higher guidance and service. For many at this stage, earthly wishes still hold sway.

5. At some point, people may ask for the bigger picture of their life – what are they here to do? What should they do with their lives? They surrender to God, Spirit and the Grand Plan. This feels like giving away your power, saying Lord show me the way, let thy will be my will. I will do whatever you ask and command. In fact, in truth, you are harnessing yourself to the most powerful forces in the universe. God knows deep down what you truly want, what is best for you and will bring you lasting satisfaction, and the best way to achieve this. You will end up happier than you ever thought possible when you surrender. You may have to go through turbulent times to get there, but you will be led to a deep and lasting inner peace and joy in your life unknown to the common soul. In this sense, God is like a guide dog – even though we cannot see the way, God leads us through the chaos of life safely and lovingly to where in fact we want to go. In this analogy, the angels are the dog’s lead, connecting you to God, and leading you in the right direction. Putting aside your own desires and letting the divine guide you leads you to a better place than you can possibly reach through your own efforts alone.

6. The truly enlightened know that service is the highest place to be. Surrendering our own lower and selfish pursuits, and following God’s higher plan for our lives, leads us to Heaven on earth. Using our gifts in highest service to others, contributing to the growth of the planet, this is the best use of our connection with God and receiving divine gui dance directly. This is the place of deep inner peace, heartfelt joy of life, a full embracing of all life, where your cup ‘runneth over’. Here you feel truly blessed each day of your life. Who would not want to reach this point?

Where will you stop somewhere along this path of awakening and surrender? (Surrendering your earthly desires and ego to a higher path)? Do you linger too long in one place? How soon will you seek your highest truth and path, and live a life of divine guidance and service? To what extent are you pursuing your own agenda rather than God’s plan?

If you are reading this, you have already started your journey. Perhaps you have already reached the higher levels of awakening, guidance, surrender and service? Where are you along your path to connecting with angels, God and your higher path / Life Purpose, and receiving divine guidance about how best to of service and help the planet? Wherever you are is probably perfect for you right now, and know that much more is possible. Enjoy the journey of enlightenment (adding light).

Interested in Running Your Own Spiritual Workshops?
My business partner, Richard Haywood, and very good friend Chrissie Astell, recently ran an entertaining and informative online seminar called 'The Secrets of Successful Spiritual Workshops' in which they discussed some of the key issues that face teachers, facilitators and lightworkers when running spiritual and holistic workshops.

If you run your own workshops, or perhaps are just thinking about setting up a workshop programme of your own, why not watch the seminar now - it's online at the following link and free of charge. Richard and Chrissie also run a very comprehensive masterclass retreat to teach people how to run and promote effective workshops. Take a look here:

Angel blessings and love,


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