Beyond the Pull of the little Mind

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The time is coming when you shall live in the atmosphere of Love beyond the pull of the little mind, dear ones, and the freedom in which you live will be the source of your every movement and continual choice to give all of this endless Love. You are My heart and you are Home in Me right now, and every moment of open-hearted Love establishes the true Reality of God through the gift of your open heart.

So in this time which can seem confusing as the old world pulls you with its familiarity, take heart. Turn to Me. Breathe into the freedom of Love and when you feel your heart once again, allow this Love to permeate the world, to fill every aspect of your vision and to replace effortlessly the old world, the old perceptions that were based in the story of your life, the old reality based in fear and scarcity. Let it all dissolve and return to Me, that this communion of your heart may fill you, support you, lift you and bring you everything that I Am ever and always providing. The glorious abundance of God I Am is yours, is you and is happening right now.

From The Messages from God
©2011-10-06 | Circle of Light

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