How can one unite all the Religions?

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My question: I would like to know how one can unite all the religions. I guess, this must be a very difficult task, because the members of every religion think, that their religion has all the answers and that all of their rituals have to be performed very carefully.

God's Answer through Yael and Doug Powell: Beloved one, thank you for your question. The clearest way that I can answer you is this: In essence there are two worlds existing here: the world of Love that is the truth already fully present and the world of duality created by the choice to believe there is other than Love.

From the choice to believe there is Love and something else springs the whole illusion of separation through the mind. From this has come all the different religions, the spiritual paths, the definitions of God, as the mind plays in the world it has created. But woven into this world is the truth of Love – that there is only one life and it is Me. There is only one truth and it is Love. There is only one path and it is your heart, and it is free and available to everyone.

The uniting of religions cannot happen in the world of the mind because the world of duality is just this, a world born of the belief in separation. Yet, when you shift to your heart, beloved one, it is already there, that every heart is ONE HEART, and God I Am is fully present. Every pulse of Creation that comes, creates the most exquisite experiences of joy as all the aspects of My heart that you are, sing creatively an ever expanding song of co-Creation.

Resonance or vibration is the essence of Creation and your hearts are the conduit through which the energies of Creation come... Therefore, as you choose only Love, as you place your focus on the world of unity, you add your choice to all of those who are choosing Love this moment and build a consensus in the hearts of humanity that the world of Love is the world you choose to live in.

When enough hearts are in accord, when enough choices for Love are made, when enough hearts are open when the pulse of Creation comes that it might flow through freely and unimpeded, then the world of Love becomes the Reality and the world of separation fades from view. The heart becomes the instrument of perception through which you see and live, and the little mind and ego becomes its humble servant.

So every choice for Love and every moment's shift into heart's perception is so valuable and so important and will bring more quickly than you can imagine the experience that you long for – the dissolving of all differences around Me. Every heart knows Me deeply and perfectly. It is a given. It is your birthright and it is yours to choose.

So let Me say to you that your choice, all of you, beloved ones, moment to moment is so important. As you choose the heart, you will come into the experience of the unbounded Reality of God that is manifested ever more fully as you, as you make the choice for Love.

I Am with you always showing you the truth, the beauty and the power of your heart, and I Am ever and always available to commune with you and to open the doorway to your experience of Love.



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