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The Flowering Plant Tree and Bee Species through Karen Danrich “Mila”
March 31, 2007
Blessings for a Return to Conscious Farming Practices
with Recipes for Regenerative Body Oils and Lotions
and Ayurvedic Self Mud Massage

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,
The Flowering Trees and Plants along with Bees speak to you today.  The Bee Kingdom especially wishes to address the recent news about so many of their kingdom perishing at this time in human history.  This issue has caused the flowering trees and plants to write a little earlier this year than originally planned upon.
Flowering plant and tree kingdoms provide beautiful fragrances, honey procured by the bee kingdom, as well as fruits, nuts and vegetables for animal, bird or human consumption.  Our kingdom works hand in hand with the bee kingdom to pollinate each flower so that the necessary substances and DNA are present to allow for the maturing of the fruit offered.  Many plants have diversified into male and female flowers, and it is in the blending of the pollen from each that then the fruit can be spawned.
The bees move from flower to flower in the gathering of the sugar offered for the honey in their hives, and act as a conduit to move the male and female pollen between flowers so that each can produce a fruit.  A lack of bees would therefore prevent the pollen from moving as it should and the fruits produced would therefore be small in number or nonexistent.  This is the crisis that American and European farmers have found themselves in within recent years as many honey bees are going extinct, or failing to return to their hives, and now crops may be minimized as a result.
In more ancient times flowers were self pollinating not requiring bees in the dance to move pollen from flower to flower.  Bees still visited the flowers and exchanged substances, taking of the sugar and leaving in its place amino acids created through their own digestion that allowed the fruit born to have proteins along with carbohydrates and sugars.  More ancient crystalline fruits were therefore more nutritious and those relying upon this food source were more greatly satisfied and not required to eat as much to sustain their existence.  So this was for the Red Nations tribes before the arrival of the Anu.  Terra (Earth) was a Garden of Eden that did not require cultivation as much as simply gathering what was provided by the natural world.  In time, self pollination will occur again amongst the fruit, nut and vegetable kingdoms, and the exchange with the evolving wild bees will add protein to this food source allowing greater nutrition ahead for ascending humans.  Those working with their ascending gardens or farms can anchor a blueprint for this purpose in the now.
What is the cause of the bee kingdom’s demise in present time?  Although it may be so that certain herbicides or fertilizers may be interfering with the bee’s ability to navigate back to the hive, and they get lost and then die; this is not the real cause of why our kingdom is perishing in a captive state.  Bees are withdrawing our dream to co-exist in a captive state with humans so that we can procreate more in the wild where we can freely ascend.  Bees are altering in biology and biochemistry along with all of Earth that is beginning to ascend at this time.  Ascension is the real cause of global warming, and not greenhouse emissions as humans believe it to be; Terra (Earth) is heating up from her core or aurora due to the choice to ascend.  As the aurora heats up and up and up in temperature, so will the land continue to heat until one day Earth bursts into fire in the third dimension and moves into a fifth dimensional state of being, or in other terms become a star.  Life will not cease in this process as it will be very gradual and slow and take over 4000 years ahead to accomplish as humans measure time.
All creatures upon Earth must come along for the ride of evolution towards a fifth dimensional state of being.  A fifth dimensional state is semi-etheric in nature.  Terra once existed in a semi-etheric form some 800,000 years ago (3.2 million years ago as human’s measure time).  Now in her own global evolution, Terra will retrace her steps back in time and into former energy flow and biochemistry that held a higher vibrational state of being.  This journey shall be slow and requires moving back into each biochemical state that each kingdom knew over the past 800,000 years of falls.  As we retrace our steps backwards, we will increase in vibration and over time recoup our semi-etheric state of being.  In so doing, we will take the first steps into the Great Central Sun, a region of domain that Terra fell out of over 24 million years ago (96 million years as human’s measure time).  It shall be from a fifth dimensional state that Terra and all kingdoms upon her shall then begin their journey back to non-physicality and “home to the Tao”, or home to the consciousness from which all creations emanate from in time and space and form.
Bees and flowers along with all other kingdoms upon Earth are now in the process of beginning their earliest biochemical changes that are related to a state that we existed within prior to the last fall and nuclear annihilation of Atlantis.  The civilization known as Atlantis was a more corrupt and technologically advanced human creation that existed from 10,000 to 15,000 years ago (40,000 to 60,000 years as human’s measure time).  This civilization was not unlike the dance humanity has created today; except that the technology was so much more advanced that humans could control nature absolute, leaving nature unable to be evolve.  In this cycle, humans have developed less than 30% of the control over nature that Alantean scientists manifested. Perhaps this is a good thing as it allows the lessons of why nature is not to be controlled to become understood and learned by humanity at large; and it also allows nature to free herself enough from human control to ascend and evolve, supporting the Earth Mother in her goal.
Earth is your Mother and the planet or star ship upon which all reside including humans.  Earth is a female expression within a solar system that has a male sun.  All planets in this solar system are therefore considered female in polarity.  The feminine form has generally self destructed leading to deterioration and disease in the dominance of male vibrations in any given cycle.  The past 800,000 years has been a male dominant cycle that has led to the ongoing destruction and falls in consciousness for Terra.  This cycle is concluding now and shall lead instead to the birth of evolution and a journey “home”, as all spiritual lessons come to be understood by all species upon Earth, including the human species.
The largest lesson that humans are going to come to learn in the coming quarter century is that nature is not to be controlled through science, but to be consciously worked with in love and in a wild state of being.  In consciously working with the plant kingdoms relied upon for food source, evolution can occur for all concerned.  In remembering to love and bless the farm or one’s garden, then there will be enough for all, as love is the essence of all of life.  When humans use fertilizers and herbicides or pesticides to control their gardens or farm in lieu of love, the plants cannot evolve, and as a result the food source will perish in the times ahead.  All must evolve at this time of end of cycle period or perish.  Humans will perish ahead much as the bees are perishing from their keepers if they do not choose to ascend and choose to evolve and keep pace with the Earth Mother in her global warming. This is the global mirror that the dying bees provide for humanity at this time; ascend or perish.
Ascension or evolution causes the infrastructure of the biology to heat up.  For the bees, we are devising a molecular structure and biochemistry that will allow us to continue to exist in climates that may reach 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (65 to 93 degrees Celsius) in the coming 400 to 500 years along Earth’s equator.  This must also come to be so for all plants, animals, birds or humans that live near the equator.  How exactly does one live in such hot climates without “burning up”?  Through ascension to another biochemistry that was present pre-Atlantis when the equator held temperatures to this degree, then one quite naturally resonates and as such does not burn up, but feels quite comfortable as one’s body temperature matches the temperature upon the land.
Our channel Mila has documented the process of ascension which requires a heating up from within by igniting the flame of the Kundahlini energy flow within human form.  As the kundahlini is ignited, the core of the body begins to heat up much as Terra is heating up in her core or aurora.  As the core of the body heats up, the biology is triggered to begin to evolve into another state of being that was known at a higher temperature in one’s ancestral past.  The first phase of biology ascended into Mila has called “crystalline” in nature.  Crystalline biology has a different biochemistry with cells coated mostly in fat.  The fat allows for more heat to be distributed around each cell allowing the body to rise in overall temperature evenly and throughout the form.  In the rising temperature internal to the body, the heat outside the form matches the heat inside, and this then allows the biology to resonate and continue to live and thrive in a much hotter climate.  As such the crystalline body will not equate 150 to 200 degrees as any more excessively hot than 90 to 120 degrees of a present day “heat wave”.
Those surviving the increasing temperatures of tomorrow will ascend to a biochemistry that naturally resonates and may not even perceive the difference, unless human science begins to clue into what is occurring and document the changes.  At this time science only perceives perhaps the earliest changes in DNA that are beginning to evolve from 2 to 12 strands.  A fully crystalline set of biology requires 36,000 strands of DNA, which is bundled into a new format that appears more like a stack of CDs with 12 master strands of 3000 segments of information per master strand.  This is considered holographic DNA, and Terra and all kingdoms including humanity are beginning their journey back into a holographic state of being that was lost a very long time ago.  Those who evolve to this type of biology that is fully conscious and beyond will find it comfortable to exist in even hotter weather from 400 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (200 to 530 Celsius) in time.
There are creatures already existing in temperatures of this nature upon the surface of the Earth and near underwater volcanoes.  Scientists have discovered a form of fish that lives on top of the hot lava of under ocean volcanic crevices.  Mila read about these fish upon the BBC news.  These fish have attained fully conscious biology of 36,000 strands of DNA, and hold a body temperature that emulates the temperature of hot lava that they live upon.  As such they do not perceive their environment as overly hot but just the right temperature to survive.
In the core of the Earth, there is also a human civilization that most humans upon the surface of the Earth are unaware of that have already attained a genetic structure that goes beyond full consciousness biology.  The inner earth humans and all kingdoms upon them are verging upon biology that is ascension based, or allowing for biochemistry that will lead to a fifth dimensional state of being much earlier than life along Earth’s surface will attain such a state.  The inner earth kingdoms and humans are not uncomfortable with the increasing temperatures of the inner earth due to the expanding aurora; some of which live in temperatures that exceed 800 degrees Fahrenheit at this time.
All of Earth is conscious as are all nature kingdoms.  All of Earth and all kingdoms are choosing to evolve and ascend with Earth towards her goal of becoming a star again and beyond.  All kingdoms must come along for the ride or perish.  Terra is not unconscious; no kingdom is unconscious.  From the physical, most humans think of nature as very wise but non-conscious, or in other terms, most species other than dolphins and whales are not self aware.  Self awareness is the result of having a brain with grey matter or lobes that allow for awareness that one is alive.  Only dolphins, whales and humans have brains with gray matter in present time and so you are indeed aware.  In time all animal kingdoms and birds as well as ocean kingdoms will evolve into a brain structure that will also allow for self awareness again.  This shall occur as each kingdom likewise masters fully conscious biology in the coming 1000 years of continued global evolution.  Humans today however discount the awareness that nature has in the nonphysical.
Nature is aware from the nonphysical and is directing our own ascension and evolution from the realms of spirit or soul.  From the realm of soul, we guide each group of bodies related to each kingdom to ascend.  In the case of the dying bees, soul has retracted from the dance as the bees have fallen under human care, and as such have disconnected from their species.  Any species that disconnects from its greater counterpart in the nonphysical will perish in the coming times ahead, as the body will not be able to ascend without the direction of soul.  Bodies that cannot ascend will become sick or lost and then perish.  So this will also be for farm animals and crops raised at human hands and outside of conscious farming or gardening practices.
If one is conscious, then through intention one can reconnect the bee kingdoms of one’s hive with the natural world dream and our own kingdom, and then the bees will be able to ascend through the direction of our own soul, and as such will cease to perish.  If one is conscious, one can connect one’s organic farmland with the natural world dream and the growth of all plants and animals therein will then be directed by nature's soul.  As such, the plants, fruits, nuts and grains grown will evolve and need not die; furthermore through evolution the food source will also change providing needed nutrients to ascending humans.  This can only be accomplished through organic farming however, as the toxins created through fertilizers and herbicides are so harmful that anything grown in such an environment cannot ascend.  Nor can the bees that pollinate such crops ascend in such an environment as they too have become toxic, and ultimately will perish, which is what is occurring at this time.
Organic farmers can learn to surround their farmlands with trees that wild bees like to hive within.  Wild bees will naturally then pollinate human crops.  Wild bees will prefer a natural environment to live within; although if you build a place for us to hive and press the structure into the natural world dream through intention, then we can also flourish in the wild and in the home you create for us.  Bees have no problem sharing our honey with humans, and if love and blessings are exchanged through conscious intention between the bee keeper and the bees, we will have more energy to continue to exist in our wild state and provide enough for all.
The largest problem with current farming practices is that there is no love associated.  Farmers do not love their plants and as a result must utilize fertilizer to cause the plants to grow.  Even organic farmers rely upon organic fertilizers to cause the plants to grow; and the plants receive the love of the kingdoms that the fertilizer is procured from.  Much of the fertilizer procured that is natural is coming from other kingdoms such as cows that are also not loved.  In the lack of love, the cows as well as the crops may fail to continue to live ahead, as without love all will become ill over time.  Therefore the flowering plants, trees and bees invite more conscious farmers and gardeners to begin to love your farms and your gardens, and exchange blessings daily with the land through intention.  The end result will be a farm or garden that produces far more, as the vibration of love will foster growth of the plants or animals more greatly than any fertilizer.
Wild bees would also like to have a variety of flowers to pollinate as we are in need of certain substances to alter our biochemistry for the ascent ahead.  Many farmers plant acres and acres of the same crop; and this will provide too much of a single substance through the flowers and not enough variety for ascending bees.  Therefore organic farmers may wish to re-think what they grow, and turn to growing a diverse set of crops rather than a single crop upon each acre or hector of land.  Plants can also self fertilize if rows of any given vegetable are alternated between kingdoms in which one’s waste is another’s nutrients. The plant kingdom has mapped out a self fertilizing garden of this nature.  (See “Creating a Self Fertilizing Ascending Garden” for more information.)
There are also crops that can be planted that will absorb the poisons from non-organic farming practices that leave traces of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and other toxins in the soil, allowing an in-organic farm to become organic in only a few years.  Much like the “Water Hyacinth” species which has been known to pull toxins from waterways that they are planted within, certain plants will do the same for the soil.  Three kingdoms that would be most useful for this purpose are sunflowers, alpine pennycress and Indian mustard greens; each of which will absorb the toxins from the soil in two to three crop seasons.  It is not recommended that the plants be tilled back into the soil or consumed, but rather dried and then burned as fuel.  The crops used to detoxify the farm that are incinerated will release non-harmful gases as well as provide fuel and heat for the home.  The sunflowers could also be sold to local florists for profit.
Although environmentalists claim that incineration of these types of plants that absorb heavy metals or pesticides does not transmute toxins such as lead in the incineration, at a certain temperature of incineration, lead actually can be transmuted.  At a certain temperature, lead becomes pewter.  Pewter is really a less toxic and more ancient form of lead that did not fall in the recent cycle.  With the increasing temperature of the element of fire due to global ascension, even incinerators may burn hotter than times before causing lead pulled into the roots of the plants to become pewter in molecular structure of the remaining ash.  This occurs as 400 degrees Fahrenheit is achieved in present time in the incineration process.
A particular vibration is required to transmute lead to pewter, and Mila hit this frequency at 2200 strands of DNA in vibration.  At this point, she could convert many lead based fillings in her mouth into pewter through intention.  The molecular structure of pewter was much less toxic unto her biology for the continued ascent.  Many regions in the countryside upon most continents have already reached 2200 in vibration, and as a result fire burning in incinerators may cause lead to become pewter in molecular structure of the remaining ash.  Recently Mila has been able to convert what was pewter in her fillings into a form of silver and gold.  It has required ascension to a level well beyond 36,000 strands or full consciousness biology to accomplish this feat; but it again allows her fillings to cease to be toxic unto her.  The pewter was becoming more toxic the further that Mila ascended causing problems for her biology.
The capacity to transmute lead into gold is known as alchemy; and alchemy is what ascension is all about.  One chooses through one’s freewill choice to transmute all toxins and lower density or vibrational matter and thought-form into higher vibrational matter and thought-form, which gives birth to another way of perceiving the world and dancing with others founded upon love.  Gold can be considered a loving substance; pewter and lead less than loving or destructive substances.
The type of gold and silver combined that we are speaking about was more prevalent upon Earth prior to the arrival of the Family of Anu, a Pleiadian family that strip mined Earth of this type of gold in excess in more ancient times (30,000 to 45,000 years ago as Earth measures time; 120,000 to 180,000 years ago as humans measure time).  The ongoing loss of the vibration of gold upon Earth for 18,000 human years due to the strip mining of the Anu caused a massive fall in consciousness of all species.  The dance led to a nuclear annihilation due to the hatred and subsequent warfare within the family.  It was due to the nuclear annihilation of the Anu that much of the remaining gold along the surface of the Earth fell into another molecular structure known as pewter.
It was in the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis some 20,000 earth years later that what had fallen into the substance of pewter turned to lead.  Lead can be considered equivalent to dogmatic thought-form in which right and wrong prevails.  This is the thought-form that all humans and nature has fallen into in the past two cycles.  This is the thought-form that is transmuted into unity in the act of ascension, and the alchemy from lead and pewter back into gold again.  It shall be in the transmutation of lead into pewter and then into gold that love shall be restored as the foundation of thought-form that all species shall live within in the times ahead.  This will take an anticipated 200 years of further ascension to accomplish, but is coming beloved.
All kingdoms are retrieving their knowledge on how to transmute toxic substances at this time of ascension, as Earth overall must be detoxified due to human technological practices.  As the kundahlini energy flow reaches a particular vibration and pitch upon the land and within the plants, animals and trees therein, all substances will change and become more resonant unto Earth.  This is so for each ascending body; each body will transmute the toxins within into a different molecular structure rendering it inert or useful due to the increasing fire element within.  There are trees, plants and bushes that will absorb chemicals toxic to all kingdoms and transmute them through their own kundahlini into inert or helpful substances.  Scientists are beginning to acknowledge this process and it is called Phytoremediation. Through Phytoremediation, trees, bushes and plants have been discovered that will transmute heavy metals, petrochemicals, surfactants, explosives and insecticides rendering them inert upon the land or in the water.
Over the past 50 years, all kingdoms became aware that human toxic messes were going to prevent our possible ascension ahead.  A dream was cast to allow for a return of the knowledge that was used in clearing the toxic radioactive poisons along with technological poisons unleashed at the end of the era of the Anu and Atlantis alike.  This information has been coming forth, and the same plants and trees that cleaned up the environment in more ancient times are altering their biochemistry in a parallel manner in present time to accomplish the same goal.  As such, nature shall be prepared to clean up its own environment for the ascent ahead, with or without human aid.  Humans can aid however in the discovery of how to work with nature in order to clean up your own toxic messes.  In so doing, you will begin to clear your karma for the harm humanity has caused unto Earth in many time periods, allowing for the birth of a new day.
Interestingly enough, there are projects for restoration of the soil occurring in New Orleans and as a result of Hurricane Katrina.  So many toxins were released out of the households due to the flooding of the hurricane into the environment that a group known as Common Ground Collective is using plants and soil techniques to assist in the purification of the living environment. This is a good sign that humans are beginning to think “Green” and care for the land in new way in working with nature rather than trying to control nature.
Vying to control nature is perhaps the largest lesson for humans to learn from the era of Atlantis.  Alantean farmers controlled their crops even more greatly than anything that has developed this cycle.  How did this occur?  Alanteans controlled the lighting of their farms by placing them underground where they did not receive the light of the sun.  Everything was monitored from the amount of light received in any given day, the water received by each plant to the nutrients provided to produce the fastest growing, largest and tastiest food source.  Plants were modified genetically until there was barely one food source that existed in its original genetic state.  Now this did not occur all over Earth, just in the region known as Atlantis. the records of which is currently in the region known Europe and under the Atlantic Ocean in present time.
Alas, when two large nuclear bombs were detonated over Alantean congress, destroying the governance over night, the radiation spread killing all crops over a six month period thereafter, as they were too weakened by the nature in which they had been grown for 3000 years to survive.  Because Alantean farmers and their scientists had genetically engineered most species to be seedless, the crops could not regenerate nor did enough of the population have seeds to replant their gardens.  This left billions of humans in starvation.  Furthermore as the radioactive clouds passed by causing electricity to cease to flow, there was no light to grow anything in any of the underground farmlands.  Why did the Alantean’s grow everything underground?  Land had become so valuable in most regions that it was sold to construct housing leaving the farmers to move underground.
Perhaps it is the remembrance of this upon the land in Europe that has caused the EU to refuse to agree to plant genetically modified seeds, or to sell such crops in their country; and for those in the EU to press so hard for organic produce that has all nutrients and the seeds necessary to proliferate life again in the event of a catastrophe.  This knowledge comes from the remembrance of the vast starvation that occurred upon this land following the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis.  The US on the other hand does not have such records upon its land and therefore humans living therein in present time simply repeat the karma of their ancestors who existed in the time of Atlantis, and immigrated in this era to the “New World”.
Many farmers are going to discover in the times ahead; that the crops that are genetically modified or grown excessively in one place will die and cease to produce any food source at all.  The cause?  In the growth of only one crop for acres and acres of land year after year, the species becomes weakened over time to a point that it cannot evolve.  Human genetic modification further separates the kingdom from their species and such plants can therefore not receive a blueprint for ascension.  If the plant cannot tolerate the increasing temperatures of the environment because it is failing to evolve into another vibration molecular structure, it will simply burn up and cease to produce any food source.  Rice and wheat are two crops grown and harvested in this manner that may simply disappear in the times ahead as a result of the increasing temperatures of the land; however they are not the only food sources subject to this problem.
Most commercially grown foods are going to be subject to extinction unless they begin to ascend in the coming 15 years.  In 15 years the global warming will cause many currently fertile valleys to become so warm that they will toast the crops rather than provide the right environment to produce the harvest from the current genetic structure.  Again the temperature of the land is not the problem; it is that the food source is not matching the temperature of the land within its own molecular structure as it is failing to evolve with Earth.
Nature has agreed to work with organic farmers to assure that there is enough food to sustain the ascending children of tomorrow.  Therefore organic farmers and gardeners can intend that their food source begin the process of ascension.  This is easy to accomplish and only really requires the act of love to fulfill upon.  As you love your farm or garden, the garden and farm will respond by attuning to the natural world and receive a new blueprint of genetic structure for the evolution ahead from the nonphysical realm.  Then the plants, trees, shrubs and food source will begin the journey of evolving to a higher temperature within as directed by spirit, and withstand and survive the heating up of Earth in her global ascent, providing amply for all ahead.
Mila and Oa utilize their events each year to send out global blessings to all organic farmlands and home based organic gardens to restore soul and anchor ascending blueprints therein.  Many food sources have already begun to ascend even without the organic farmer’s or gardener’s awareness.  The plant kingdom however would like to work more consciously with human gardeners and farmers as there will be many more lessons learned spiritually speaking as a result.
Long ago, Mila recalls reading a book by an organic farmer turned spiritual teacher in New Zealand.  This individual was a gifted conscious dreamer and had vast experiences with nature in the nonphysical that altered the way that he farmed, and the way that he thought, and ultimately began his process of ascension as well.  This individual made agreements with the kangaroos living next to his farm in Australia so that they would not eat his produce.  The kangaroos upheld these agreements for 10 years; and after the farm was sold, the new owners queried how he grew anything, as the kangaroos had overrun the lot.  If the new farmer had renewed the agreements with the kangaroos, they would have abided by them.  So this is for any nature kingdom including the insect kingdoms who must abide by all agreements made in the nonphysical.
Through the use of agreements between the natural world and one’s plants and the insect kingdom along with other nature kingdoms such as birds, conscious farming practices would eliminate the requirement for herbicides and pesticides to control the crops.  Through loving the farm and requesting each working the farm loves the crops daily, the requirement for fertilizer would also disappear, provided that the soil was nurtured enough to allow the seeds to spawn plants.  The more love given to the ascending farm or garden, the larger the harvest would be, allowing for fewer acres or less space to grow far more to feed humanity in the times ahead.  This is the dream that the natural world is anchoring into the human collective consciousness for the future; a return to conscious farming and conscious gardening practices.
It is not only the crops that may fail ahead, but also farm animals and pets that will begin to die as well.  All kingdoms must connect with the natural world to receive a blueprint for ascension.  Organic dairy farmers can connect their cows to the Buffalo Kingdom which has agreed to ascend those cows raised for milk and cheese only.  Cows are a genetically modified version of Buffalo created in Atlantis for milk and this is why their kingdom will assist.  Organic egg farmers can connect their chickens or quails to the Eagle Kingdom which has agreed to ascend those bird kingdoms that provide eggs unto humanity only.  Those organic farmers raising sheep or goats for milk or wool can connect their animals to the wild big horn sheep kingdom.
Pet owners can connect their birds to the wild kingdoms that they are related, and cats to the Tiger Kingdom, and dogs to the Wolf Kingdom.  All animals of this nature will then ascend and those raised for milk or eggs will provide even more nutrients necessary to human ascension as a result.  Any animals raised purely for flesh to consume or fur or hides however, nature has no interest in ascending, as eating flesh or raising an animal only for its pelt is against true spiritual law and therefore karmic in nature.
The karma for failing to return to a vegetarian diet this cycle and following the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis is so great that it is hard for the plant and tree kingdoms to understand how it is going to be settled without massive warfare within the human species.  You see slaughter is equal to warfare; slaughter animals in large numbers as in present time and it is like intending a dream to slaughter humans in equal numbers.  Without a nuclear war ahead to balance the karma, how is the karma going to be settled for slaughter?  How are humans going to learn this spiritual lesson such that they cease to eat flesh of any kind and return to vegetarianism?  This is a difficult lesson and one that the Flowering Plants, Trees and Bees choose to address.
Mila recently read a short article in the Earth Mother News magazine about a farmer who raised all his own animals for meat.  This farmer loved his animals and said in the end that he could not imagine not raising his own for slaughter, for at least they received the love and dignity that they deserved.  This struck Mila as very odd; how can slaughtering an animal even if it is raised free range be an act of dignity or love?  You see here how confused humanity has become about love, honor and slaughter?  So confused that love and slaughter are considered equated somehow in the vast distortion that humans live within.
Mila was also surprised to hear from her European students with children how many of their schoolmates would prefer to be vegetarian, but the parents press the children to eat meat as the they sincerely believe that if you do not eat flesh, their children will die.  What a convolution of thought-form beloved!  It is not that you will require flesh to survive; but rather that you will die from the death hormone inherent in anything that has been slaughtered!  The death hormone will destroy crystalline biology faster than it can be ascended, leading to disease for those failing to become vegetarian ahead.
This may be the main manner in which the human karma for slaughter is resolved.  As enough humans eating flesh become ill and perish as the death hormone destroys their ascending biology, sooner or later humans will equate eating flesh with death and cease to rely upon it as food source.  In the quickening of vibration within the crystalline structure, dreams are drawn into the physical more rapidly.  Eating flesh is equivalent to intending a dream for one’s own death, as the flesh is a death dream due to how the animal was slaughtered.  Humans will possibly settle their karma for slaughter by calling a dream for their own death through disease via the continued consumption of flesh.
Farm animals are already becoming diseased.  All living things are filled with viruses and bacteria that destroy the physical.  As the temperatures heat up due to global warming, new bacteria and viruses will emerge upon the scenes that will destroy a body faster than it can be saved.  This too is coming in the times of cleansing ahead, as any biology that cannot hold a higher temperature will perish.  Farm animals raised for slaughter are not going to be ascended by nature, and will therefore become increasingly ill the further the global temperature rises.  The same viruses and bacteria killing the animals will also enter the bodies of humans through the consumption of flesh and who may be failing to ascend, allowing them also to exit physicality in so being.
There is another way to work with nature in which the natural world will direct the dream of your garden or farmland.  As those who are more conscious attune to nature, nature will direct the dream as to what to plant next to what, and what to give the soil to assure bounty in the harvest, and how to continue to raise food source through the changing climates ahead.  Nature is not unaware; it is simply waiting for humans to increase in enough awareness to begin to work with the natural world consciously.  Those who do so may be surprised at the reward that the dance of love creates.  Most humans feel vastly unloved; you are unloved as you live in an unloving circumstance, beloved.
Your houses do not contain love; they are built by those who are only interested in profit and by those who struggle to make ends meet and are overworked by their employers.  If there is no love in the construction of your houses, there is no love within them.  Your clothes do not contain love nor do most of your possessions.  The clothes and possessions are manufactured by slave labor in which there is great resentment and anger; the resentment and anger becomes transferred into all possessions manufactured in this manner.  One then fills one’s home and wardrobe with resentment and anger, and wonders why one does not feel loved.
Your media does not provide love, although it may be entertaining.  If anything the media projects constant thought-forms of fear, judgment, greed, hate, abuse, torture and non-freedom upon all that attune unto it.  Humans attune to the media and wonder why they do not feel loved.  Even though there may be loving stories produced upon television or in human movies, the underlying thought-form does not fill the human heart.
Your food source also does not contain love, even if it is organic.  Farmers and their employees often do not love the animals or crops that they raise, even if they utilize organic substances or feed to cause their growth or production of food.  One then consumes food source that is not loved and wonders why one feels so empty within.  You are empty as your entire civilization has forgotten that love is the foundation of joy, fulfillment and life.
What is the solution to this dilemma?  One solution is to begin to fill your home and office with living things, such as plants.  In the exchange of blessings of love each day with your plants, you can begin to fill your home with love.  Another solution is to bless the plant kingdoms and cows and chickens that provide your vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, milk, cheese and eggs.  In so doing, you will fill your own food source with the love of the natural world returned into the food that you cook and eat.
Ultimately there may be far more love and feelings of fulfillment generated as humans learn to construct their own homes, furnishings, clothing and gardens from their own labor; and from love.  As love is woven into every fiber of one’s clothing, furnishings, dwelling, garden and food, then there will be enough love to fill the human heart and of all that choose to live in such a manner again into the future.
The plant and tree kingdoms are looking forward to the day that the human species returns to living side by side with the natural world again.  It was only a few hundred years ago that humans by and large lived with the natural world, outside of those living in the cities of the times.  We recall a time of greater love in the food and in the lives of all humans as a result and not so long ago.  It may be that in the awakening, more and more will return to choosing to live again from what the land can provide; and in love and honor of the natural world.  We see this dream stepping down; and we invite those who read our materials to choose such a dream in the now.
You are the forbearers as ascending humans; you will make choices and then the masses will follow.  The masses will follow as the choices made will create so much more joy than the current circumstances that humans live within, and who does not desire more joy and love in the dance of life?  Only those perhaps too disconnected to ascend and who will perish in the coming times ahead anyway.
We leave you with these thoughts.
The Flowering Plants, Trees and Bees


As of late, Mila had discovered that she was struggling to regenerate.  The regeneration was failing due to a series of patterns that have now been corrected in her and Oa’s hologram, along with the ascent of the school.  In the struggle to regenerate, the body was in greater need of certain fatty acids and other substances to carry on.  This is where the below formulas come from and may be useful to others upon the path of ascension.
Mila has used many organic creams and lotions as her regeneration began to fail that were available upon the health food store shelves.  What she discovered was that most of the groups behind these products unconsciously stripped her chi and regeneration rather than supporting it.  It is for this reason and due to the caustic nature of the energy flow of greed behind most human products that the flowering plants and trees along with bees recommend that ascending initiates make their own creams as well as prepare their own foods.
Although there are many frozen organic foods at this time, and one may be tempted to eat from an array of such courses that sound or taste good, the companies and energy flow behind most of such organizations producing such foods will also strip ascending initiates of chi, power, love and regeneration.  It is also for this reason that Mila and Oa have learned to cook their organic meals from scratch; and purchase food as much as possible at farmers markets or health food stores; or eat out in places that cook their foods also from scratch and preferably from organic food source.  It is also for this reason that the flowering plant and tree kingdoms suggest that ascending initiates do the same.  (See “Oa’s Kitchen” for some vegetarian recipes co-created with the natural world and earth mother).
Ayurvedic mud is made of a combination of powdered ginger, pisticia, nut grass, and many other herbs prevalent mostly in India along with red, black, and yellow clay.  It may be easier to purchase the Ayurvedic mud already made therefore as it is not very expensive and the individual components are less easy to find in the west.
Ayurvedic mud is different from the clays used for a mask and is devised to stimulate the circulation from the core of the body to the skin.  What the flower kingdoms advised Mila to do was use a face brush and body brush with the Ayurvedic clay in the shower.  The clay is also not to be dried upon the skin, but rubbed in a circular motion while wet with the brush.  A natural bristle brush is recommended, and not the same brush as you will use for brushing of the skin with skin oil to trigger regeneration.  (See “From the Pinyon Pine Trees” for a lovely self massage using the below body oil formula for triggering regeneration.)
To begin with, dampen the face brush with a little water and dip into the Ayurvedic clay.  Dampen the face by splashing a little water upon it.  With a circular motion, spread the clay upon the face and neck, allowing the brush to cover the skin five to six times in each region.  Rinse the clay from the face with a wet washcloth.  This will trigger regeneration of the face, which may become quite red and warm shortly thereafter.
Then go into the shower with the mud and a larger body brush.  Dampen the brush with a little water and dip into the mud or sprinkle the mud upon it.  With a circular motion, spread the clay over the entire body, beginning with the feet and legs and moving up over the hips, torso, back, arms and hands, adding a little more water and dipping the brush or sprinkling additional mud upon the brush as needed.  Make sure to cover each region of the body five to six times in a circular motion with the mud and brush.
Rinse under the shower and remove with a damp washcloth.  Do not wash with soap or use salt scrub, but rather dry off and anoint a little of the below regeneration oil onto the face and body before retiring for the night or taking a nap.  The Ayurvedic mud and regeneration oil has many nutrients that will be absorbed through the skin that assist in regeneration of the body while it rests.  This is a good massage to give oneself once per week in ascension or more frequently if one feels flu like symptoms coming on.



The skin is the largest organ of the body.  Crystalline skin will absorb nutrients through the pores along with release toxins.  It is best therefore first to cleanse the skin and use a clay mask or the above mud massage to remove dead skin cells and draw out toxins before applying the face oil or body oil or creams. 

The regenerative skin oil and face oil are to be used at night and will be absorbed by morning and will go to those regions in need of the associated nutrients throughout the biology to allow for regeneration of one’s organs, glands and systems.  This oil is therefore useful to apply a small amount upon the skin every night before retiring.  The creams are useful during the day to retain the skin’s pH and moisture, especially in colder and dryer climates.  Mila has found lovely cold press oils that she purchased from the web for this recipe.
6 ounces apricot, avocado, jojoba or grape seed oil
2 tablespoon Calendula Herb Oil
1 tablespoon Comfrey Herb Oil
3 tablespoons Evening Primrose Oil
2 tablespoons Sea Buckthorn Oil
1 tablespoon Rosehip Seed Oil
1 Tablespoon Tamanu Oil
In an 8 ounce glass jar, pour in 6 ounces base oil of apricot, avocado, jojoba or grape seed oil (any one or a combination of each as one muscles tests best for one’s skin.)  These are good base oils as they do not clog the pores and are easily absorbed over night.  Then add the other oils you muscle test useful to your particular skin one at a time and shake well before using.
The calendula herb oil is very useful for healing skin disorders, the comfrey herb oil provides nutrients for growth of new skin, the evening primrose oil aids the skin in holding its moisture, and the sea buckthorn oil aids the skin in regenerating and healing from damage from the sun.  Rosehip seed oil assists in retaining moisture in the skin.  Tamanu oil is from Tahiti and is known for its capacity to regenerate scar tissue.  Tamanu oil can be applied directly to scars upon the skin as well to aid in their ascent.
Mila places a small amount of the regenerative oil on her face and body before retiring each night.  The regenerative oil can be placed in the bath along with essential oils of preference and salt or green or white clay.  Also the oil can be used to make a nice regenerative salt scrub.  Mix 2 tablespoons of regenerative oil with 1 cup sea salt or Epson salt and 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.  Mix and rub liberally over skin and rinse off at the end of each shower.

This is a lighter cream good for day use upon the face and body.  For those with very dry skin or living in colder climates, you can add shea butter to the recipe.
8 ounces Aloe Vera Jelly (the thicker the better)
4 Tablespoons of the above Regeneration Oil
2 Tablespoons Witch Hazel (facial toner)
2 Tablespoons Lavender Water
2 Tablespoons Herbal Water (see Herbal Toner below for recipe)
10 drops Colloidal Silver (preservative)
10 drops each Ylang Ylang and Jasmine Essential Oils (or other essential oils of choice)
? cup melted Shea Butter (optional for dry skin or dryer climates.)
To make the lavender water, place ? cup dried lavender in a glass container and cover with 1 cup boiling filtered water and steep for a few hours and strain.  Allow the water to come to room temperature before using.
Place all ingredients in a glass bowl and whip until thick with an electric hand mixer or food processor.  Place ? of the cream in a purified glass container for use upon the face.  To purify the glass container, fill with water and add 10 drops colloidal silver and let stand for 10 minutes or until it is time to be filled.
Add another ? cup of the lavender water or more to the remaining cream and whip again for a lighter version to be applied to the body.  Store in an airtight purified glass container.

This oil is good for those prone to breakouts or other viral skin or nail conditions – note: please muscle test which ingredients are useful to your particular skin or nail condition.
3 ounces Kukui nut oil
1 teaspoon Neem oil
1 tablespoon Black Walnut Oil
10 drops Tea Tree essential oil
10 drops Oregano essential oil
In a four ounce jar, fill with all oils and shake well before using.  Kukui nut oil is from the Kukui nuts in Hawaii and has been used as an anti-viral treatment in the islands for thousands of years.  Neem is a plant used as a natural pesticide and its oil is useful in treating viruses and bacteria or pests of the skin.  Black walnuts are useful in de-parasite programs if taken internally as an herbal tincture, and also is useful in clearing parasites that grow upon or under the skin.  Tea tree and oregano are known for their antimicrobial nature.
For a time Oa suffered from yeast upon the skin in living in the damp moist climate of the tropics.  He discovered that direct application of oregano oil allowed for the red blotches associated with the yeast to disappear in a few days of application.  The oregano however burns as it is applied directly to the skin leaving him uncomfortable for about a half hour after each treatment, but it turned out to be the most effective at killing the yeast in only a few days.  After the initial blotches disappeared, he continues to treat the region by spritzing with a formula of four ounces filtered water and 10 drops each oregano and tea tree essential oils.

Toners are a nice way to cleanse the skin in the morning or night after washing the face and before applying the regeneration oil or cream.  When at home, Mila uses the toner upon her face several times per day due to the muggy climate in the islands.  One can also place a capful of the herb water in their bath along with the regeneration oil.
1/3 Cup Lavender Water (from regeneration cream recipe)
1/3 Cup Witch Hazel (toner)
1/3 Cup steeped Herb Water
10 drops Colloidal Silver (preservative)
Possible Dried Herbs for the Herb Water
(Muscle Test what is best for your skin)
Elder Flower
Green Tea
Lemon Verbena
Sage Leaf
St. John’s Wort
Many health food stores have jars of loose dry herbs available for sale in small amounts.  Mila purchased small bags of each herb she muscle tested would be good for the Herb Water in her toner and creams.  Some may discover teas that also host most of the above ingredients already within them. 
Take 1 tablespoon of each dried herb and place in the bottom of a glass container.  Cover with 1 cup boiling filtered water and let steep for 2 hours or more.  Strain before using.  Store in a purified jar.
In an 8 ounce purified glass jar, place all ingredients for the toner within and shake well before using.  To use place a small amount upon a cotton pad and wash the face in circular motions.

Copyright © 1998-2007 Karen Danrich.
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