If you are trying to make a dog out of a cat - you will get a rat

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Albert Einstein is Albert Einstein and no one else. Isaac Newton is Isaac Newton and no one else. Bill Gates is Bill Gates and no one else.

What do these three gentlemen have in common? It is said, that all three of them had and have autistic tendencies.

We like and admire these three gentlemen as they are. We don’t want to change them.

They have given so much to our world and made it a better place to reside. Autistic people are very important for the society. They come with new ideas. All kinds of people are necessary for the evolution of mankind. Therefore we shouldn’t try to change anyone.

The problem which many autistic people are facing is that people are trying to change them. They are more like cats than dogs, and people are often trying to make dogs out of them.

Just try to get your cat to behave like a dog. I guess this will end up in great frustration as well for the cat as for the human.

An other idea, which usually doesn’t work out, is the fact that many women are trying to be and behave like men.

Why do we always want to change people?

We need all kinds of people for the evolution of mankind.

Love and respect the cat for the cat it is, don’t get disappointed for the fact, that it is a cat and not a dog.


Coming back to autistic people I have to say, that social welfare people often have little understand for people with autistic tendencies. Unfortunately this often leads to the fact that people with the diagnoses autism and Aspergers syndrome often prefer living like rats on the streets to having anything to do with welfare offices. In these cases a cat becomes a rat because people tried to change it into a dog.

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