Letting go and Letting God

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Perfect love casts out fear. If there is fear, then there is not perfect love - A Course in Miracles

The measure of love, is to love without measure - St Augustine

In this edition:

1. Personal reflections
2. Growth and Change for Many
3. 2012 and Beyond - Let Go, Let God - message and exercise
4. Coming soon
- Divine Love Course
- 21 December 2012 Meditation
- 21 Dec - Special Webinar and Personal Attunement to the new energies

Beloved Readers

I would like to send God's Love and Blessings to you all.

As we enter December and approach much heralded date of 12 December 2012, the official start date for the dawning of the new golden era, I thought I would reflect back on the year, and look ahead to what may be coming up for us all.

Over the years, I have learned to communicate not only with angels, but with archangels, ascended masters, Universal Angels, Light Beings from other worlds, other high beings, and God directly. They are here to help us all (and I enjoy helping others to connect with them). 

During the past 12 months, I have been taken on a journey of relinquishing old patterns and energies, and opening up to Divine Love, high, pure energies of love, unity, divinity. It has been an extra-ordinary journey. The energies are extra-ordinary and beautiful.& nbsp; Along the way I have had to face and release some deep-seated issues and fears from my past, in order to move forward and open up even more to the light. It has not always been easy, but I am so glad to have opened up to even greater light and this pure love (it is an ongoing journey of expansion). In a nutshell, it really has been about 'Letting go and letting God'.  I am guided that this will be an increasingly important theme to what lies ahead for many of us.

Personally, the new higher energies of pure love have left me feeling lighter, freer - many people have said they have noticed a huge expansion of my energies. Although life is rarely all sweetness and roses, the new energies have helped to make this year smoother and happier - things have been flowing more easily and magically. New horizons and possibilities have begun opening up. I can certainly recommend opening up to more of God's Pure Love!

The year leading up towards 21 December 2012 has been a year of huge shifts - for people and society.  A need to recognise and release old ways which no longer work, and open up to new and better possibilities. It has been a very challenging year for many. If you have faced challenges, I hope that the universe has brought the help you have needed during the year (it usually does!) and that you can begin to glimpse new possibilities ahead. Keep praying for help and guidance.

As the angels and God's Love reaches down to help more of us, I have noticed a large increase in the number of people reporting spiritual awakenings. These may come in many forms, such as:

  1. receiving messages from angels
  2. feeling angels around you
  3. seeing an angel in the room
  4. see orbs
  5. seeing auras
  6. receiving visions and premonitions, which prove correct
  7. sudden development of other spiritual abilities, of many kinds.

I have discussed more of the signs of awakening souls in previous newsletters.  How wonderful that so many of us are being lifted up and invited to share the Angels and God's help in further ways. Such events can be a little unsettling at first, but as they build, and you discover what they are for,  where they are leading you, and how to use them, they become a great blessing, for you, and for others. I expect such shifts and awakenings will become even more common after 21 December and going into 2013.

As we release our old outdated patterns, and open to the new, our egos can try to cling on to the familiar old ways, and try to cling on to control.  Such resistance can be stressful.  It is usually far better to open to the loving new guidance, and 'go with the flow', trusting that God and the angels know what they are doing, have our best interests at heart, and are leading us to a better future, for our own highest good, and the good of the planet as a whole.

I know it is easier said than done, but whatever the future holds in store, try to 'go with the flow' and 'Let go, Let God' and the angels guide you forwards in these important times of transformation.
The angels tell me that the more open and willing to go with the flow that we are, the smoother and easier any changes will be for us.

Exerci se
Here is a simple exercise to help you:

1. Take a few moments to relax and become quiet
2. Imagine an angel holding a large bowl in front of you.
3. Imagine putting all your fears, worries, doubts into the angel bowl.  Release them all.
4. Watch as the angel flies up taking all your cares and worries away.
5. Imagine a second angel appearing in front of you. This one holds a wishing bowl. Place your prayers and wishes in the wishing bowl.
6. Watch as this second angel flies away, taking all of your prayers and wishes up to God. Know that your prayers will be heard, and God will respond in appropriate ways, with this or something better. Let go of needing the results to be a certain way - allow God to respond in whichever way is best.
7. Relax knowing your cares have been removed, and your prayers send to God.

I wish you well during the run up to 21 December 2012 a nd the dawning of the new age.

A few things for you to watch out, coming soon:

I hope to soon be announcing the launch of my new course, all about connecting with God and Divine Pure Love. I will share my journey of connecting to greater Love of God, and allowing it to enhance my life, and will be showing you how you can do the same. I am so looking forward to sharing this with all of you who are interested. It will help to lead us into the new golden age beyond 21 December 2012 and help ensure our best possible future emerges, for the good of ourselves and the world. Come and connect and help spread love to the world.

21 December 2012 Meditation
I am preparing the next Earth Healing Meditation, our quarterly free meditations, to ring n ew light and energies to the world. This will be a very special one, helping to prepare us and the earth for this great transition and the new energies. Once again, we hope that thousands will join in, to help shift the energies of the planet. Announcements shortly. Please do invite others to join in this free event too.

I will also be holding a special webinar, over the internet, on 21 December 2012 (and available by replay) to conduct the above meditation live,  and provide a personal attunement to the new energies, along with predictions for 2013, and personal guidance from the angels for all participants, to prepare you for the exciting year ahead. What a great way to celebrate this once in a lifetime (once in 26,000 years!) landmark day. I'm sure some of you have already planned to attend special events on that d ay, but I hope that many of you will join me for this very special event, either live, or in the replay.

See announcements during the coming weeks.

Hold your faith. I wish all of you happier, more loving and miraculous times ahead.

With great love


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©Darren Linton
BSc.(Hons), MRSGB, MIM.
Qualified NLP Practitioner, Trainer, Reiki Healer, Medium, Angel Teacher, Life Purpose Coach & Author


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